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All news – We’re off!

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. For the last 100 days in the Silesian Park, where the Silesian Stadium is located, a clock has been ticking. A unique design created especially for the needs of World Athletics Relays Silesia21. It measures 8 metres, weighs over a ton, is made of four cubes, which after the competition logo show photos of the best Polish sprinters: Justyna Święty-Ersetic (European 400m champion, world vice-champion in the 4x400m relay race) and Ewa Swoboda (indoor European champion).

The clock has been ticking for 100 days, website takes off today – 200 days before the first launch. You will find here all the necessary information about the competition itself, but also about the region where the event will take place, i.e. the Silesian Voivodship.

The World Athletics Relays are organised under the auspices of World Athletics, and there are a lot of useful facts about World Athletics Relays Silesia21 on the federation's website.

This will be the fifth edition of World Athletics Relays and for the first time the event will be organised in Europe. 

The arena for the struggle - the Silesian Stadium - is known as 'The Cauldron of Witches', due to its unusual acoustics, which makes the cheering fans dizzy!

Since this year, the Silesian Stadium is the National Athletic Stadium. It is here that the two largest Polish meetings are held every year: the Memorial of Janusz Kusociński and the Memorial of Kamila Skolimowska (The second competition in 2018 attracted 42,000 fans to the stands). Both events have been appreciated by world authorities, both were incorporated into the prestigious World Athletics Continental Tour series, so the facility is known to many stars of the sport.

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